Sunday, September 21

Hai, I'm back! Not like anyone cares... Anyways, I was thinking of a new race for one of my books, but I wasn't sure what to call them. One of the other races are the Wolfsmen(a proper title), Wolf-Worshippers(a neutral title), or Dark-Skins(a derogatory title). They live high in the mountains and deep in the forests with the wolves, which they believe are the Greatest Hunters(gods) that have ascended from the Great Depths(heaven) and taken the forms of the beasts.

Anywho, the other race is different and yet quite similar. This new race's religion is derived from the Wolsmen's. They believe the same basic principles, only that wolves are not the deities' form, but tigers(representing the goddesses) and cobras(representing the gods). So, this is my dilemma: Catsmen? Tigersmen? Catswomem? Tigerswomen? Cobrasmen? Snakesmen? It seems that nothing is suitable for the entire race.

So, if you have any suggestions or preferences or whatnot, please, please let me know ASAP. Anything may or may not help, and hey, suggesting something completely insane may actually help. You never know with someone as crazy as I am.

Until next time.

~ Terri Freedom

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Anonymous said...

That's a tough one. Does the name have to incorporate the origin (use of animal names)?