Monday, September 22

Fairy. Faerie. Farey? Yes. Farey it shall be, for my race of butterfly-winged humanoids, the ones that have both males and females carrying children, speaking ancient tongues, living underneath forests, and feeding off flowers. Farey it is for the handsome young Step'an, who was brutalized by humans and lost his wings. Ah, yes, Step'an, the only Farey to reproduce with one who was not of his noble race, but of a darker, more evil one--Vampires.

Step'an, the only Farey to produce a half-breed child, Karlin, who struggles for survival every day, suddenly vanishes. Karlin, the half-breed, who must eat both vegetation and human blood, a diet which puts him in danger of dying from stomach diseases every minute of his life. Fighting not only against time but also against his own best friend, Jesse, who intends to kill him after discovering what he is, Karlin's only option of survival is to run away with his Vampiric father. Deep in the hearts of the forests and searching desperately for Step'an, will Karlin live through the Hunt or perish as so many other humanoids have before him?

I'd love your input on my output. I'd love it if you'd give me your opinions, you likes and dislikes, and you loves and your hates. Suggestions and observations are all welcome. Comments and critique are equally important. Let me know what you think.

See you around.

~ Terri Freedom


Anonymous said...

hmmmm maybe???

Anonymous said...

Intresting plot line. Is Step'an a boy or girl? Who is Karlin's father?