Tuesday, October 21

So... hey.

It's been a while. I know, I know. I planned on updating this thing every day. But, you know, stuff happens. Anyways, I'm back, or at least for the time being. And, to celebrate my return, I'll make you suffer by reading another one of my poems! Yayz! No, but seriously. This one's not about dancing cats. This is an untitled credo. Here's a link in case you haven't heard of it before:


Yeah, so, basically, a credo, in poetry, is a free-verse poem stating your beliefs. I'd like to share the one I wrote. Without further ado:

I believe in the grey line,
The power of greed,
The strength of innocence,
The rage of time,
The mood of Earth,
Wind, Water, Fire.
But Tamora Pierce's books
Should be burned in a bonfire.
I believe in never giving up.
I believe in chasing your dreams.
I believe in preserving Nature,
Wisdom, Knowledge, Courage.
And I believe in free and expressing
The soul and the mind through art.


Now, I'd really like to get your feedback on this. Do you agree with what I said? Disagree? Why? Also, for anyone and anyone who wishes to accept, I issue a challenge:

Write your own Credo. Make it true to you. Post it in a comment. Here's the template:

I believe -
The -
The -
The -
The -
- , - , - .
But -
I believe in -
I believe in -
I believe in -
-, -, -.
And I believe - (Longest)

If you have any questions, comments, or credos, feel free to post 'em and I'll try to respond. Other then that... See you later.

~ Terri Freedom

Tuesday, October 7

My Dog Has Purple Shoes

My dog has purple shoes,
He wears his yellow socks;
He has a shirt that's new,
And he stomps on rocks.
My cat has orange pants,
And a top-hat, too.
In her pants, she will dance,
To a merry tune.
My hamster has a small red top,
And a skirt with swirls;
With joy she leaps and hops,
And happily jumps and twirls.
~ Terri Freedom

Saturday, October 4

"Intresting plot line. Is Step'an a boy or girl? Who is Karlin's father?"

Step'an is a guy. He calls himself Stephen around humans. He is one of Karlin's fathers, known to Fareys as birth father. With Fareys, both the males and females have the ability to carry children and give birth, and both sexes have hormones in them that makes them attracted to men and women. Since Fareys are extremely rare, they need the ability to reproduce with basically any other Farey they come across. Until, of course, you come across someone like Step'an, who seems to take fancy to everyone except Fareys--from human girls to Vampiric men, Step'an gets himself into a lot of trouble that way.

"Does the name have to incorporate the origin (use of animal names)?"

Well, that would certainly be preferable. I hate using made-up words in my stories. All it does is confuse the reader, and I have to explain what it means, what it represents, etc. It's just useless page filler. However, if you(or someone else(or me)) can think of a better, real word to explain their beliefs, it would be super-fantastic-crazy-awesome.

~ Terri Freedom