Tuesday, December 9

Well, well. We meet again.

Beginning sometime this week--probably tomorrow, if I remember--I'm going to begin posting an internet story. It's called Beyond Reason. I'm not taking it very seriously, but I think that it will motivate me to write every day. I'll start out adding to it every day, although, depending on how it goes, I may add to it every other day, or maybe every third day.


Jamie and Alex think that they lead a fairly normal life--well, except for Alex being able to see the future and know what people are thinking. But when the two brothers get mysteriously sent to another world without an explaination, they know that something's wrong. From then on in it's a race to solve the puzzle and get back home. Along the way there's trouble from animals, humans, and mixes of the two as Alex and Jamie trace their past for clues as to getting back home.

Looking forward to your comments, questions and critique on it!

See you next time.

~ Terri Freedom

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading your new story! And I'm glad you're back :)