Friday, November 7

Hey everybody!

Everybody meaning the two people who actually look at my blog...

No credos? I'm mildly disappointed. Well, poetry writing mood is gone with the warmer weather, I suppose. Now I'm working on my story, titled, for the moment, "Demon Slayer". Plotline:

When two men, Graelys and Elrar, meet one another for the first time, it's a mutual feeling of respect, and a slight trust. As they learn more about one another's bloodline and personality, their emotions turn from content to hate. Pitted with each other in life-threatening situations and staring dangers in the face, the two have to learn to use each other's strengths--whether it's Graelys' physical prowess or Elrar's magical study--to the advantage of both of them. But what happens when they become each other's enemies, for neither can prosper with the knowledge that the other lives . . . .

Dun dun DUH!

Intriguing? Please . . . share your thoughts with me.

~ Terri Freedom


Anonymous said...

Interesting... yes. Seems there is a lot more to the plot than you've written here, so this simple outline does seem a little confusing. And, ya, the last line there sounds "Harry Potter-ish".

But it leaves me asking questions, like "why do they end up hating each other?", and "in what situations do they fight together?"

Bottom line is, I'd like to know more!

Anonymous said...

No more?! Come back!